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Emil Guillermo: FBI Director Comey casts a “cloud” over Trump government, and all Trump can do is tweet.

FBI Director James Comey said for the first time that there is an investigation on Trump aides colluding with Russia, but won’t talk about evidence. Comey also debunked Trump claim that Obama was behind any wiretap of Trump Tower, and said his  department has nothing to indicate Trump’s tweet  claim of “McCarthyism.”

Trump can do nothing but to tweet that  all this make work he caused as “Fake,” and tries to re-direct focus on whoever leaked the information against Trump aides.

 But this remains Trump’s worst day. Republican committee head Devin Nunes admitted he has no evidence to back Trump’s claim, and seemed frustrated that Comey wasn’t allowed to share any either.

Nunes, the Republican Committee chair from California’s Central Valley, ended today’s session that lasted longer than “Gone With the Wind,” by making an ominous point.

Nunes said the inability of Comey to share more evidence at the hearing puts a real “cloud over the administration.”

Slowly, we are seeing Trump’s flagging credibility sinking before our eyes.  I doubt if even an apology to Obama would help at this point.