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Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: Show 134 on Vax Americana; 9/11; Show 133 on Little Manila/Covid; Abortion Law; Recall; Grape Strike/Fabros; Show 132 on Robert E. Lee; I do the NYTimes political party quiz; Elder wants AAPI; Show 131 on The Great Grape Strike; My Labor Day shows on AAPI Superheroes, Marvel, Sherpas, Larry Itliong, Willard Scott; You get Show 130 with the mic off. Or Show 130.1 with the mic on! Listen to 130.1, I think. Or both! It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout.

Watch the show Live on Facebook, or YouTube @2P Pacfici; See them here recorded.

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SHOW 134: Friday, Sept. 10, 2021 Vax Americana; Recall; 9/11 SHOW 133: Thursday, Sept.9,2021 Little Manila; Abortion Law; Recall ;MORE…

SHOW 132 Wednesday Sept. 8, 2021 More Delano and Itliong; Robert E. Lee’s Statue; Elder wants AAPI; NY Times quiz on political parties–the more the merrier?

SHOW 131 Tuesday Sept.7, 2021 The Grape Strike Vote…and more.

SH0W 130.1 Monday, Sept.6, 2021, On AAPI Superheroes; My Willard Scott story on Carmen Miranda and the flower; MORE HE VERSION WITH THE GOOD AUDIO!!

That was the good audio. You want to compare show? Here’s the off mic.

SHOW 130 Monday, Sept.6, 2021 Good show, but funky audio. Try show 130.1 But these are uscripted, so check it out!