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Manti Te’o? Oh, yeah, I talked to him…sure

OK, not really. But given the imaginary world of Te’o and his recent silence, well making up the truth is the next best thing.  The itnerview was set up by his imaginary girl friend.

Considering how loosely people want to play with the truth these days,  check out my post at www.aaldef.org/blog

Just today I heard former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger say “he never lied” about having that child out of wedlock with his family’s  nanny.

I guess acting a lie is different from actually speaking a lie in Arnold’s world.

And then we have, Lance Armstrong, and even our dearly beloved president. Although is it  really a lie when you say you’re going to end a war, but don’t?

Or when you say you’re going to end the invasive eavesdropping laws, or closed Guantanamo, but don’t?

Find the elusive truth here.