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Facebook’s IPO may have fizzled, but Zuckerberg M&A a winner

It’s been said that  marriages are the love version of “mergers and acquisitions.”

In that sense, if you’re Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg what could be better  than to have a genuine back up to a not so smashing IPO?

Zuckerberg’s marriage to Priscilla Chan is actually a better story than the flat IPO.

It’s a reminder to the tech elite that the important stuff isn’t what’s under their noses on an HD screen, it’s the stuff that’s happening off-line in real life.

Creating the community on-line only makes sense if there’s something real going on off-line worth sharing.

Zuckerberg shared the news on Saturday.

It also reminds us that beyond the hardware and software and social networking platforms that all these smart people in the Valley  can create, the future of their businesses really depends on what goes on with them as people. You know matters of the heart. Honesty. Integrity. Doing the right thing. All that counts more than we see on a spread sheet. Sure, some greedy bastards still win, but not all the time.

So the real answer to the question as to the future of Facebook will be based on Zuckerberg’s ability to stay true to his personal vision and keep other corporate types from screwing it up.

I don’t know if that will happen, but the marriage news is a nice touch after Friday’s IPO. 

Marrying his Harvard sweetheart after 9 years?

Updating his status on the biggest weekend of his life was his best move ever. 

And on the week of her graduation from UCSF med school,  probably her’s too.

Congratulations to both.