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NBA Finals: Mavs beat Heat, as James/Wade “Dream Combo” fizzles

I worked in Dallas when the Mavs got their start.  My office in the old Union Station was across the street from the brand new Reunion Arena, and I was there to cover the very first game.

So of course, in these finals, I had a soft spot for the 2011 Mavs with Cuban as their owner, BayArea guy Jason Kidd at the point, and Dirk Nowitzki as their superstar.

If only the Miami Heat had a star of that quality. They certainly didn’t have a team that knew how to win when it mattered.

A lot was made of the Heat this year, what with the pre-fab superstar roster of James, Wade and Bosh. At some point, we all realized there was no Big 3 (Bosh is a nice player, but that’s all). And the Big 2? They didn’t know how to play together as solo superstars. Their idea of team work? Lay back and let the others do their thing.

I feel sad for both James and Wade. Had they not meddled and tried to put together their concept of a “dream team,” they would have had a better chance at winning a championship for themselves staying put.  Certainly James in Cleveland as a  solo super-star with an OK supporting staff could have beaten the Mavs.  Mostly because James would have had to really play all the time.

Unfortunately, James lacks the maturity and know-how to play in a system where he is a part of a team. He has to be the dominant guy. He should have stayed in Cleveland.  Same thing for Wade. They didn’t know how to be supporting super stars. They need to be the principals–on separate teams. 

That’s how the NBA works best.  Especially if the game is still played with one ball. 

I also feel sorry for Eric Spoelstra, the first Filipino American NBA head coach ever. That the Heat didn’t have it isn’t his fault. Let’s hope he doesn’t get scapegoated for the failed chemistry of LeBron/Wade and anyone else.  That’s a failed alchemy.