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Goh profile expands; He wanted his money back from Oikos U.

As more information is revealed about the Oikos University shooting suspect One L. Goh,  a conflicting profile emerges.

Is he an awkward but failed would-be womanizer?  An angry consumer who wanted his money back ? A crazed gunman?  Or a cold-blooded execution-style killer?

At a media conference on Wednesday, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley offered a new twist when she said Goh  was not kicked out of Oikos, but had left voluntarily  last November.

Earlier reports said Goh left at the beginning of the year for “bad behavior.”

But O’Malley indicated  a key reason for the voluntary departure was a disagreement over the return of admission costs. Goh wanted his money back. The school had refused any refund.  This may explain why a school administrator is believed to have been his main target.

Police had originally said Goh was angered because people made fun of how he talked, and his accent.

One instructor, Romie Delariman, told the Chronicle, that  Goh seemed to be looking to the school as a source of friendship and companionship, when he should have been looking to the school to learn.  He apparently wasn’t successful in making the personal connections he sought.  Some said it was how he talked to people as much as how he sounded.  Delariman went so far as to described Goh as “mentally unstable.”

When O’Malley was asked whether anything could have prevented Goh’s outburst, she dismissed any notion of mental instability.

Said O’Malley:”I don’t think this individual (Goh) particularly displayed any behaviors anyone saw that would have predicted the magnitude of his murderous rage.”

How can she be so sure? At least, one instructor appears to dispute that statement.

The case is being set up for the death penalty, with the special circumstance charges against Goh. 

O’Malley’s  got Goh’s voluntary admission, And her confidence level is high.

I wonder if anyone has advised Goh of his legal rights before he “confessed”?

For as much as O’Malley said at the media conference, she did show some restraint by not answering more detailed questions. Of course, she was protecting the “people’s interest.”

Someone should be protecting Goh’s. 

He’s charged with horrific crimes.  If he’s guilty, let’s let that come out after he gets his due—a fair trial.