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Health-care Rx:Obama’s Speech Therapy

Whenever it seems like his back his to the wall, or the when “the sale” is in jeopardy, Obama’s prescription has always been the same: Give “the speech.”

That’s the way it was in campaign mode. And even after winning the presidency, it’s never let up for Obama. When the Rev. Wright stories appeared to sink his chances last year, an eloquent speech on race in Philly set the record straight. In January, a thoughtful inaugural sought to quell partisanship and indeed brought the country together. That is, until he set his attention to health care.

Now when health care is more polarizing than even race, Obama turned to his rhetorical gifts once again to forcefully lay it our for the people.

The speech was emotional and direct in the way it pared down his plan to the big picture essentials. Not the details,necessarily, but the larger view. A government-run not for profit insurance option for those without coverage, a public option, is still the most polarizing thing on the table. But what’s to fear? Competition is good. There’s a reason existing health care companies don’t want the uninsured. If ¬†government competition can force companies to lighten up their restrictions or improve their efficiencies to see the uninsured as a profit center, than that’s better than a bailout. And more people get insured.

The speech also exposed the partisan bickering and ad hominem  for what it is. Save that b.s. for football season.

On the stuff that matters, Obama was authoritative, presidential, and appealed to the best in all Americans.

Now is the time to get the best wonks from both sides of the aisle and get a deal done.

If that really happens, chalk one up to Obama’s speech therapy.