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Swinger Gingrich and his defense of open marriage

Defending open marriage isn’t like defending the open meetings or open records act.   

You can argue the subject has no place in a public policy debate. But character is character and asking your wife about an open marriage is important if you believe as most conservatives in South Carolina do, that conservatives are nothing if they don’t stand for some kind of family values agenda.

Gingrich can’t talk about that issue because it exposes him as a hypocrite. But he could and he did, attack the media for bringing up the issue. Those louts.

And then, he used his loud and brash defensiveness to advantage by pointing out how it shows what a forceful, passionate leader of the free world he could be.

We must not underestimate a governmental leader’s ability to defend wrongful acts!  Gingrich as president would have lots of opportunities for that.

I’d feel better if Gingrich was as passionate for poor, down and out Americans as he was for cheating on his wife. But that’s not what we have here.  Instead, we have a selfish egotist, who finds it chivalrous to at least ask before screwing over his wife.

He’d be just as thoughtful of the American people if given the chance, you can bet on that.