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Sports: Asian-spotting the NFL: Claiming Robert Griffin III

By his place of birth, Redskin quarterback Robert Griffin III could be an Asian American.

Born in Japan, where his parents were serving in the Army, Griffin and his family moved back to the U.S. and lived in a number of places before settling on Texas.

Certainly, there are no shortage Asian American/Pacific Islander lineman and defensive stars in the league. But who wants to root for blockers all day? After his first day on the job, RGIII is going to be a massive offensive star in the NFL.

Before things get out of hand and he does more than Subway commercials, Asian Americans should just outright claim RGIII as one of ours.

We should learn from the Tiger Woods lesson. Let’s get him to at least acknowledge he’s an “NFL-sei.”

Why not? If he were born in Mexico, the GOP would call him Mexican and want him deported. Especially, if the immigration officials weren’t Redskins fans. Oh, and by the way, that name Redskins. Still? Really? You can’t be diversity’s team with a name like that.

I bet you the guy’s good at math, too.

For his incredible debut, RG3 for Asian American of the Week!