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Old Dish: Wendi Deng, Murdoch’s Tiger Mom? Or the fully evolved Asian anchor babe?

We all saw Wendi Deng Murdoch sit behind her man this week like she was in a TV studio perched on an anchor chair. (They have chairs instead of old-fashioned anchor desks these days because consultants realized it hid one of an anchor babe’s best assets).  

Wendi watchers will recall the conflict in her life at the beginning of her career while at Star TV in Asia.

Smart enough to run the business.

Pretty enough to be a host, like the second coming of Connie Chung.  

Conniving enough–oh let’s give her the benefit of the doubt–lucky enough to get herself the job as chief interpreter to the Chairman of the Board. 

Quandry of quandries!  What’s a girl to do? It was enought to give a pretty young thing a real headache!

But it all came together this week at that parliamentary hearing for Wendi. She knew exactly what to do when it mattered.

Given all in her past, what better time to summon up her god-given  talents, including going claws up in defense of poor Rupert, a victim of all sorts these days,  a cream pie being the messiest.  (Why the mess makes it worse than a phone hack, don’t you think?) 

Don’t let the pink fool you, Wendi knows what she’s doing.

If you don’t know jack about Deng, here’s a primer on her back story: