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Emil Guillermo: Trump rhetoric on Russia? More “nanny-nanny-neener-neener” kid stuff. Disgraceful.

Donald Trump is showing his class here with this attempt to discredit Dem leader Sen. Charles Schumer with an old photograph from 2003. Trump could come clean on Russia, admit that his surrogates and aides all met with Russia prior to the election. And he should share his vision of making Russia a grand partner with the U.S. That should shake the Reaganites who are barely on the Trump Train.

But that would take real political leadership, not to mention a sense of honesty.

Instead, Trump prefers playing the school yard bully. Disgraceful from a commander-in-chief who doesn’t know the high road. With Trump, despite the towers, it’s all low and lower, with a corporate FU touch.

Kellyanne Conway’s feet on the Oval Office couch is nothing. All of Trump in the White House is an affront. Everyday in office, Trump continues to devalue the presidency.