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Emil Guillermo: South Carolina incident shows how video is changing justice. You want justice? Carry your smart phone, have plenty of memory and batteries. Videotape all evil. Your iPhone makes the best iWitness.

Seeing is definitely believing.

The NY Times has obtained this video of a South Carolina cop shooting an unarmed African American, Walter Scott.

It’s yet another reminder how video enabled phones are a necessity when you see injustice, or racism.

Without it, it’s your word against the bad guys, the stalemated justice we’re used to getting.

:21 seconds in and you see what murder passing as justice looks like.

Just within the last few weeks we saw what the absence of video has meant in fighting discrimination in the Ellen Pao case.

We saw what the video meant in exposing NYPD’s Patrick Cherry’s racist tirade.

And now this.

Make sure you carry your smart phone if you want justice in America.

Scott was stopped for a broken tail-light in North Charleston, South Carolina on Saturday.

The video forced authorities to act quickly.  That’s how strong the video is.

You have to wonder, how did we have justice before video?

I’ve been stopped for a tail light before. I’ve often felt the fear of being non-white in a gun crazy white community.

North Charleston is an example of what happens more often than we think. But only because we have a  video.

Nothing like having instant replay on life itself.


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