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Emil Guillermo: William Hung as the passive aggressive subliminal racist tool of Fox

William Hung just won’t go away nicely.  He’ll gladly extend his 15 minutes of fame. Only it comes at all our expense.

I don’t know folks, but when I saw William Hung being used by Fox on the “American Idol” finale,  I just felt sorry for him.

Stepin’Fetchit  Asian style? Does that need to be memorialized, or just forgotten?

Whenever a non-Asian wants to feel superior to an Asian or Asian American, there’s William Hung as the bad, off-key singer to allow others to feel superior.

He’s the anti-Tiger Asian.

He’s like the antidote to those who are sick and tired of getting  beaten by Asian Americans in school or  on the job.

They can proudly say, “Well, we’ll always have William Hung to kick around.”

And sure enough, Hung will be there on demand, cheering with his arms up.  And Ryan Seacrest will be there patting him on his back,  whispering in his ear.

Read my whole column, including the first one I wrote in 2004, when Hung first burst on the scene, click here to link to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog.