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Emil Guillermo:Britt McHenry’s video displayed how “Media Privilege” is more intoxicating than “White Privilege.”


Still talking about that “ugly” Britt McHenry video?

Kudos to her employer for getting it right.

No matter what anybody says, her words and tone on that video were indefensible.

A suspension is light by comparison.  I explain why in this column you can click on here.

Every person who has been on TV for a living knows this is the dual edge of “media fame.” You can cross the line and think you are “above it all.”

You’re not.



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Emil Guillermo: Did you get an email from Hillary Clinton? I think Ted Cruz wants you to think it’s encrypted with old state department secrets…

Now all we need is someone to play Ralph Nader and that should wrap up casting for big show in  2016 .

And shouldn’t there be an Asian American? Maybe to be in position to squeak in for veep in either party?


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Emil Guillermo: Sensitive Filipinos criticize my reporting on the Beverly Hills Bakery lawsuit filed by 11 employees against owner Analiza Moitinho de Almeida.


Just saw the hit piece another Filipino columnist wrote criticizing my reporting on the lawsuit against Beverly Hills Bakery owner, Ana Moitinho de Almeida, her husband, Goncarlo, and their corporate entities.

Just want to point out, that my reporting included three of the principals  involved, the people who filed the suit and their stories. I didn’t pass judgment. That’s what the courts are for.

But the critic puts much weight on the fact that these former employees who are suing are much closer to the family. So that puts them in a different class? Or makes them easier to manipulate and to be taken advantage of?

The critic also makes it sound like I made up the stories.

It’s all public record in the lawsuit. I just humanized the story by actually reaching out to talk to real people–on both sides.

The Moitinho de Almeidas were contacted and declined an interview.

The critic seems to make a lot about these former employees  gambling and going on trips in the U.S., as if that alone proves anything besides their personal preferences. They weren’t free to leave the country or their jobs  by their visa, and they did talk about real threats to their families back home.

But the bottom line seems to be the critic’s concern that I invoked the name of Juan B. Santos, the head of the Social Security System in the Philippines, and the former head of Nestle in the Philippines.

He’s the father of Ana, the baker. He also had some financial involvement with the bakeries of his daughter. No charges are against him, but the actions of his daughter, and their relationship is newsworthy.

If Ana is as innocent as the critic claims, what difference does it make to mention Santos, who was one  of the Hyatt 10 who pressed for honest government during the Arroyo era.

We know what happened in the Arroyo era. It was Marcos Lite.  So Santos should be a hero, somewhat.

I can’t fault the critic for wanting to defend his friend.  But my reporting is sound. Other U.S. news organizations reported the story. The facts are all there. If they omitted Santos’ name it’s because they are U.S. based media and not Philippine-based as was my original column for

I took an extra step by talking to the employees who sued, who told me their stories. But I also gave the Moitinho de Almeidas a chance to respond.

The subsequent story is even more telling, that the Moitinho de Almeidas are in a second legal battle about the bakery with their own relatives. The relatives say its intimidation. The Moitinho de Almeidas once again declined to comment.

I reported this last week, based on legal docs that  are public record. But my offer stands: I would love to tell the  Moitinho de Almeida’s story objectively and without the bias shown by my critic.

My interests are only in the truth.


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Emil Guillermo: Remembering Lu Lingzi, Boston Marathon victim, as the Tsarnaev verdicts are announced; Death Penalty next?

I wrote about Lu Lingzi two years ago when she made the news as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing.


Her name came up as the Tsarnaev verdicts were read. She was just one victim, but an Asian American one.

You don’t immigrate to  America  expecting  to meet  your death.

Tsarnaev was guilty on all 30 counts, 17 death penalty eligible.

Can the defense attorney for Tsarnaev find one juror willing to act humanely at this point to save his life?

The real legal struggle is just beginning.

Here’s what I thought two years ago when the case broke. 

My feelings haven’t changed.

Do two years make a difference for you?



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