Emil Guillermo: UPDATE—How to sue for discrimination? Ellen Pao was a smart former VC, but not as smart as the lowly Uber driver who now has a video. This tongue lashing reminded me of every bad boss I ever had. ##UPDATE## comment on cop Patrick Cherry’s apology.

SEE UPDATE at end of post:

When Ellen Pao lost her discrimination  case against the venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins, it was pretty predictable. Her case was  all low-tech, “He said, she said.”

Analysts said she didn’t have a smoking gun.

Or a smoking video.

I thought about that as I watched that video of the South Asian man, an Uber driver, getting a tongue lashing from NYPD’s Patrick Cherry.


He reminded me of every bad white male boss I ever had.

Come to think of it, throw in all my bad bosses of any color.  Gender even. It happens.

After all, a bully is a bully.

If you haven’t seen the video, see my essay and the video in full, here.

UPDATE 4/3/15 12:03 PDT

Cherry has been stripped of his badge and gun and reassigned and has now apologized, according to an exclusive WNBC-TV report.

Not so fast.  Even Jesus took some time to resurrect.

I want to be a good, forgiving Christian…especially on Good Friday.

But this is something worth dwelling on.

If you don’t know what hate and racism look like in this “post-racial” era, take a  look at that video again.

That’s intolerance, that’s hate, and it definitely exists. No doubt about it.

Just ask Cherry. His apology is here.


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