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Emil Amok: Do you know Angelo Quinto?

He died after a policeman had a knee to the back of his neck for about 5 minutes, according to witnesses. Is he our George Floyd?

I read from my column about the case, then SF State Professor Dan Gonzales and I talk about whether Filipino Americans can “rise up” as a community to join others, especially African Americans and #BLM in order to demand justice for Angelo Quinto.

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Emil Amok’s Takeout: Emil talks Covid with a philosopher, Part 2; Propping up Small Business; and the Virtual Harvard Graduation and my Covid Commencement speech.

Hi Everyone!
This edition features my talk with Philosopher Theodore Schatzki about whether the U.S. is too big to fail, meaning the government should just go ahead and prop up all individuals and small businesses–just as it catered to big business since day one of the Trump administration. Also,  virtual graduation week is coming to Harvard. Here come more briefs in the big legal battle over Asian admissions.  But for you Classes of 2020 everywhere, my thoughts. No one invited me to speak like they did more than 40 years ago. That’s all right. Read it here.   And then listen to the podcast. Some reports say it will take $10 trillion to save everybody economically. But that’s better than letting a large fraction die, don’t you think?

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