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Gang of Eight gets it done in the Senate, 68-32; So why doesn’t it feel so great?

All the talk early in the week of the immigration deal turning into a  “blur” or the possibility of some revolt in the Senate turned out to be just that—talk.  The Senate bill passed handily with all the security to militarize immigration  and none of the humanity that marked the family-oriented immigration policies in the past. Conservatives were appeased enough to show “bi-partisan” support for the bill. Meanwhile, all the items Asian Americans wanted added on to the bill continued to be ignored.

But it isn’t over.

The fight continues on to the House. 

And then the real horse trading begins in conference.

We’ve just finished Act I of a three-act play.

What we end up with may not be very different from what was passed today.

So the compromising isn’t over. 

Check out what I wrote earlier on the proposal on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog.




San Francisco Giants beat Nationals, 4-2; Immigrants win and lose, 13-5

DC’s favorite baseball team, the Nationals, lost to the San Francisco Giants in extra innings 4-2 when the Giants scored a run in the ninth to tie, and World Series hero Pablo Sandoval hit a walk-off homer in the 10th.

Back in DC, also in extra innings, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted that immigration reform package out of mark up and on to the Senate floor, 13-5.

Hard to say who won there.

The Gang of Eight’s compromise is still together, and a pathway to citizenship is still in play for 11 million undocumented immigrants.

But Asian Americans failed to get deleted provisions in the current law restored.

And in the biggest blow, same-sex advocates couldn’t even get a vote on an amendment that would allow for bi-national partners to re-unite.

Same-sex marriage is hard enough. Same sex immigration not even in the discussion.

Discrimination continues. That’s why 13-5 isn’t quite the victory it could have been.

See my 5/22 post on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog.




Linceblog: The Shrinking Giants in Canada; The growing trio of scandals in Washington; And, we’re half-way through AAPI month, have you hugged an AA or a PI yet?

I’m sorry, I must not have the proper immigration visa to comment on the San Francisco Giants poor performance in Toronto.  Multi-run defeats to a last place team? I commented at the start of the series, dismissing it saying ex-Giant, new-Blue Jay, Melky Cabrera was having a non-dairy creamer kind of season.  But he played more like 100 percent homogenized. And well, there are other things than baseball for a few days.

By the way, was that  really baseball? The turf seemed to baffle the Giants, who played like they were newcomers to cricket. That was it, right? It was cricket?

If you can’t trust baseball, what more the government? Between the IRS, Benghazi, and AP scandals,  I’ll have more on that later and how it could affect the immigration bill at www.aaldef.org/blog.

Oh, we’re also half-way done with Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month? So now you can officially celebrate if you’re half-Asian?  No, AAPI Month is for everyone!