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Emil Guillermo: Your tax dollars at work? One Army doc’s “drug-fueled penis procedures.” CAUTION: DISTURBING VIDEO

If you wonder why animal experimenters must be stopped at every term, here’s a real life story going on in the Army.

Click here to read how Dr. John Hagmann was able to parlay it all into more than $10 million in federal contracts for his DEPLOYMENT MEDICINE INTERNATIONAL (DMI).






Disclosure: My wife headed the department at PETA that began the initial inquiry into Hagmann’s activities.



What the New York Times left out: More on the PETA investigation on the abuse of drugs in horse racing

All the news that’s fit to print? Or that fits? And then what about video?

This PETA-produced video fills in all the gaps left by the New York York Times story (3/20/14)  on horse racing and drugs.

Specifically, there are two main points–the use of thyroxine , and the use of a buzzing device that shocks horses into running faster–that were left out by the Times.

I did the voice-over for this video.

As previously disclosed, my wife is with PETA.


New York Times covered the investigation with this story on 3/20/14:




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Cat lover? See the the reason why “Babe” and “The Artist” star James Cromwell was arrested for protesting animal torture at Wisconsin; Check out the video here

Actor James Cromwell and Jeremy Beckham, an activist for PETA, were arrested Thursday for disrupting a meeeting of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, as they called experiments conducted at the university  cat torture.

I voiced this video that shows the grim details of the cat experiments at Wisconsin.

The Kentucky Derby? Wouldn’t you really rather be racing pigeons?

Forget about those horses on the first Saturday in May.

Believe it or not, pigeon racing is spreading throughout the nation as a parimutel wagering activity.

I voiced this video for PETA. Some may call it propaganda, but it’s actually an excellent undercover investigation worthy of the network news.  For example, I just saw an undercover investigation on NBC about mold contractors. Ho-hum.

Does pigeon racing sound like a joke to you?

Check out the investigation yourself.

Update: Farewell to HBO’s “Luck”

They won the race, but they lost the baby. And the show.

The first two are fake. But the show is real, as are the three  horse deaths sustained during the production of HBO’s “Luck.”

And that’s why last night’s “Luck” was far more than a “season” finale. It was the final final. it’s theme song was a dirge signalling the end of “Luck.”

Too bad. The show is really about the human interaction. The racing scenes were incidental. They could have easily been done in a way to prevent harm to the animals. The scenes that are more poignant are back at the stable anyway.  Yet pProducers were so quick to cancel  after PETA exposed the horse deaths. To satisfy PETA, the producers didn’t have to cancel. They merely had to assure that the animals would be safe.

Why couldn’t David Milch and Michael Mann do that? Instead, they went straight to the cancellation option.

If you saw the credits last night,  you may have noticed the disclaimer at the end was different.  It didn’t say “no animals were harmed.”

It simply said the American Humane Association “monitored” the production.

Exactly what this means isn’t clear, but whatever monitoring was done clearly wasn’t enough to assure safety for the horses on the show.

What’s amazing is that the horse racing industry continues to think “Luck” was good for business and continues to criticize PETA.

The organization that deserves the scrutiny is AHA.

But let’s not get hung up about the fake races in fictional drama.

As the New York Times reported yesterday, there are many more deaths and drama with real horses in real races.

The industry has found a way to bring cash to the races by bringing in casino-style gambling and slot machines to the tracks. But being flush with cash has not brought out the humane side of the horsemen. Instead, the race purses are so rich, even for the lowest quality horses, that greedy horsemen keep sending out their unfit stock to race for the money.

Unfit horses? Well, if not for the drugs.