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Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: WDAAAT? What does an Asian American think? Show 148–Kulintang Kultura! Da Budget; Orange Shirt day; Show 147–It’s all here! Part 1 and 2. Show 146– What I think about that NYTimes take on what Asians think now about America…. Show 145 on the Tony Awards; Bigotry on Broadway; Sports; More Harvard…. WDAAAT?

Read my columns on the website of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

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Or see them recorded here.

SHOW 148 Thursday, Sept. 20, 2021 KULINTANG Music; Orange Shirt Day; Budget Nonsense; The Giants! SHOW 147 (two parts) SHOW 147 part 1 SHOW 146, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021, NYTimes asks us what we think… SHOW 145 Monday,Sept. 27, 2021

See my columns on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund site.

Thanks for spending time seeing, hearing, feeling….

Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: Show 107-Mindful about Simone and Suni, Covid and Cuomo; Show 106–Cuomo Denies Allegations; Show 105–Biles’ comeback; The stereotypes Suni busted; And we talk evictions; Show 104–Suni’s day, her message; Covid Duterte style; St.Paul and the Hmong; Show 103–Suni, Suni, Suni; Responding to readers of my column on the Hate Crime Dodge of Atlanta Killer Robert Aaron Long and his plea deal; It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout–Live (recorded).

SHOW 107: Aug 4. I read from my “Mindful about Suni and Simone” column and more….

SHOW 106: Aug 3, 2021 Cuomo On Defense; More Olympics; More

SHOW 105: The Biles announcement; The stereotypes Suni Lee Smashed; Eviciton moratorium.

SHOW 104- Suni, St. Paul, the Hmong, Duterte, Covid

SHOW 103: Suni’s Gold; My take on ROBERT AARON LONG (Atlanta Killer) Plea

READ MY COLUMNS ON THE Asian American Legal Defense and Education fund website.