Emil Amok’s Takeout/ E361 The violence and heartbreak of SF’s I-Hotel, 45 years after evictions; Prof. Dan Gonzales and I talk Filipino identity and the news. E.360: Orban at CPAC–A bad model for U.S.; Pelosi the “Tank Lady”? My Pelosi column on democracy vs. autocracy; Griner verdict an example of autocracy in practice. Listen live at 2p Pacific on YouTube or Facebook.

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E361 8.5.22 Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales on the I-Hotel, then and now; Alex Jones; Filipino Identity/FANHS/Seattle conference.

E360 8.4.22 Remembering I-Hotel; Orban is bad model for U.S.; Pelosi as the Tank Lady; Griner verdict and sentencing.

Emil Amok’s Takeout! E359: Abortion Wins in Kansas, but Deniers can’t be aborted in AZ; Pelosi/Democracy/Taiwan; Pew’s New Tool; What does an AA say; Vin Scully coming to bat; E357: Pelosi, Taiwan; Chappelle/Napa; More Judge Tani; Nichelle Nichols, Bill Russell, Larry Josephson. E358: Pew’s Asian American Report OK, documentary omits Filipinos; Pelosi to Taiwan–Her op-ed; Are you an amici on Affirmative Action?

E359 8.3.22 Abortion, Deniers, Vote; Pelosi/Taiwan/Pew Taiwanese; Vin Scully…

E358 8.2.22 Pew/Pelosi Op-Ed; Affirmative Action; Gnus…

E357 8.1.22 Chappelle/Napa; Pelosi/Taiwan; Tani Cantil-Sakauye; Larry Josephson, Bill Russell, Nichelle Nichols.

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Emil Amok’s Takeout: E356: Cal. Sup.Court Chief to leave; Cantil-Sakauye first AA-Filipino Chief Justice; First Voters; Will Smith; Kill Tony; Tou Thao; Eileen Gu; Lottery; E355– Biden’s temperature normal after Manchin comes to senses on major Climate, spending bill; Liz Cheney’s b’day; Abortion poll; A poll of Asian Americans. More…


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E356 Friday, 7.29.22 CA Chief Justice Canti-Sakauye to leave high court; Nevada First Vote; Will Smith;Tou Thao; Kill Tony; Eileen Gu; Monkeypox. More!

E355 Thursday, 7.28.22 Biden gets Democrats in line; Cheney’s model; Abortion Polling; Polling Asian Americans…

Emil Amok’s Takeout! E354: Quake in Philippines; Trump Talk/DOJ Scrutiny; More Voter Survey says AAPI trust friends, family, not journos, not local/fed officials; E353:Jan.6 rioter gets 5+ years, Trump?/ New Jan.6 poll; Asian Voter Survey helps you tell the Asian Americans apart based on the issues. Recorded Live @2p Pacific.

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E354 Wednesday 7.27.22 Philippines Quake; Trump Talk/DOJ Scrutiny; AAPI trusts family, friends, not journalists, not local/fed officials.

E353 Tuesday, 7.26.22 Jan.6 rioter sentenced; New CNN poll on Jan 6; New Asian American Voter Poll helps you tell who we are.

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