Emil Amok: Double impeachment–The flavor of the day! Updating thoughts here…

Watch for updates here. And more video.
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Interesting to see the Republicans on the impeachment debate. How do you defend the indefensible?
Impeachment would divide our country? You mean more than it is? Republicans already prefer lies to truth.
What’s wrong with uniting the country behind the truth? Impeaching the president was the only way.

Rest assured. No one is cheering. Sad. But relieved. The country stands erect again after the sucker-punch of Jan. 6.

Reports say Trump is having a “pity party.”
He must be flailing at the cable news shows. Not what we expected a week after he felt on top of the world, watching
his mob do his bidding. Guy is sick. But what ofhis enablers in the GOP? People like Jim Jordan,
Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes. They rode his coattails. And of course in the Senate there’s Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.
This is why people hate politics and Washington. The power and the ego.

UPDATE THURSDAY 9:52 am Pacific:
Reports say the president in self-pity mode. The right would say he’s acting like a minority. The whites may have to disown him.

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