Emil Amok’s Takeout: E406/See the video?Draymond Green Sucker-punches Dub Nation; Justice for Jordan; Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales/Filipino Am.History; E405/ Polyp pic; DACA not dead, just kicked around; Murder from Thailand to Merced; E404/My fifth shot! And you?/ Filipino American History Month/Lorenzo Dow?/ Percy Lapid killing; Filipino American History?/ Biden owns DeSantis/ Aaron Judge is Mr. 209.

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E406 10.7.22 Draymond Green suckerpunch video; Justice for Jordan; Prof. Dan Gonzales/Filipino American History. Gnus.

E405 10.6.22 DACA; Gas; Murder from Thailand to Merced; Polls; Gnus..

E404 Oct.5.22 Lorenzo Dow; Vax up, I got my fifth!; Aaron Judge is Mr. 209