Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: Show 169: Missing AAPI; Kristina Wong; Jay Chen; Pope Biden; Prof. Dan Gonzales and END OF FAHM; Halloween?; Show 168: Nick Kristof; Meta; Biden and Pope; Animals as right wing cover? Show 167: Chappelle tix; more;Show 166–The Truth about Larry Itliong; Prof. Dan Gonzales on hate crimes, massacres, and more; Show 165–Larry Itliong Day; Itliong had principles, no medals, unlike Gen. Powell; Show 164–On the social media attack of Betty Yu, @BettyKPIX; What I experienced years ago at SF’s NBC affiliate; A BIPOC appreciation of Gen. Colin Powell; What Does An Asian American Think? #WDAAAT? My micro-talkshow for the AAPI/AAx and the ALL.

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SHOW 169: Oct. 29, 2021 Missing AAPI; Pope; END OF FAHM; Halloween

SHOW 168 Oct. 28, 2021

SHOW 167: Oct.27, 2021 Chappelle tix; Newsscan; More…

SHOW 166: Oct.26,2021 What was said at Itliong dedication? The truth about Itliong; Prof. Dan Gonzales joins me to talk hate crimes, massacres and more.

SHOW 165 Oct. 25, 2021 On Larry Itliong Day; More on Gen.Powell…

SHOW 164 Friday Oct. 22, 2021 Betty Yu, @BettyKPIX; General Powell; What racism was like in the media 40 years ago.