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Emil Amok’s Takeout/ E412: “The Conductor” to go live?; Walter Nauta/Trump; LA scandal; First Filipinos amd Filipino History Month. E411:Parkland Pro-life; Draymond Trump; Warnock; LA Council Racism; Filipino Firsters; Prof. Dan Gonzales; E410: Trump Subpoenaed. Jan. 6 Committee reveals damning new video; LA Council and AAPI; Trump/Draymond winners or losers? E409: No Suspension for Draymond?; No Genius Grant again; Pigs in SCOTUS are anti-pig; Alex Jones owes his “crisis actors; E408: Bobby Caina Calvan’s courage; E407/Birthday gift? A parking space; Ishmael Reed’s “The Conductor” at TheaterForTheNewCity.Net; I.P.Day, instead of Columbus; DACA advice; AAPI Vegan Justice; NBA ignoring workplace violence; Tuberville’s racist rhetoric.

E412 Monday 10.17.22 Nauta Puts Trump in Jeopardy; The Conductor; First Filipinos and history month; The end of Huh?

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E411 10.14.22 Ishmael Reed’s “The Conductor”; Draymond Trump; Warnock/Walker; Parkland Pro-Lifer; Jan. 6; LA City Council racism…

E410 10.23.22 Jan. 6 Subpoenas Trump; LA City Council and AAPI; Trump/Draymond analogy… They aren’t winners.

E409 10.12.22 Genius Grant anyone?;Saving Factory Piglets; Prop.12; Draymond and Warriors are pro-violence; Gnus…

E408 10.11.22 Gnus takes; AP’s Bobby Caina Calvan’s courage…

E.407 Birthday thank you; Ishmael Reed; Indigenous People’s Day; DACA; Asian American Vegan Justice; NBA inaction on workplace violence; Tuberville’s racist talk.

Emil Amok’s Takeout: E406/See the video?Draymond Green Sucker-punches Dub Nation; Justice for Jordan; Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales/Filipino Am.History; E405/ Polyp pic; DACA not dead, just kicked around; Murder from Thailand to Merced; E404/My fifth shot! And you?/ Filipino American History Month/Lorenzo Dow?/ Percy Lapid killing; Filipino American History?/ Biden owns DeSantis/ Aaron Judge is Mr. 209.

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E406 10.7.22 Draymond Green suckerpunch video; Justice for Jordan; Prof. Dan Gonzales/Filipino American History. Gnus.

E405 10.6.22 DACA; Gas; Murder from Thailand to Merced; Polls; Gnus..

E404 Oct.5.22 Lorenzo Dow; Vax up, I got my fifth!; Aaron Judge is Mr. 209

Emil Amok’s Takeout: E403: Journalists Murdered; MNF censors protest you need to know about; Red baiter Michelle Steel; Abortion liar Herschel Walker; Franklin Odo; Dred Scott; E402: Ishmael Reed’s History Lesson; SCOTUS, Dred Scott, and Filipino American History; Michelle Steel slurs Jay Chen; Trump slurs Elaine Chao; Gnus… E401/Biden rides Ian; My Tua Take; Talking Filipino American History month with Prof.Dan Gonzales. Veterans, Pinoy/Japanese unions, FANHS, Larry Itliong; E400/ It’s not 61 home runs, but… AllHail Mr. 209; Biden shows DeSantis how to give post-hurricane assurance; Structural Race Index; E399/ Respecting Ian, Dissing DeSantis; Fla. Gov doesn’t like it when you make Hurricane Ian political. / DeS. will forever be remembered for Martha’s Vineyard and Hurricane Ian; E398/Student Loans/Conservative Sham; Alec Baldwin; Beyond Panda; Dahmer Denying/We don’t need to relive it; E397/ Simu’s Jeopardy win for #stopaapihate; AAPI sports heroes in MLB/NFL; Iran/Russian Protests; DeSantis’ Hurricane;


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E403 10.4.22 Why did ESPN censor animal rights protest?; Journalist killed; Franklin Odo; Sacheen Littlefeather; Michelle Steel is a red baiter…

E402 10.3.22 Ishmael Reed Play; SCOTUS, Dred Scott, Filipino Am. History Month; Steel Slurs Chen; Trump Slurs Chao;

E401 9.30.22 Biden Riding Ian; DeSantis still creepy; Tua; Russia; Filipino American History Month with Prof. Dan Gonzales

E400 9.29.22 Judge hits homer; Ian hits a bigger homer; Biden shows DeSantis how it’s done; Structural racism index;

E399 9.28.22 Respect Ian; Diss DeSantis; Small g. government response inadequate,Republicans exposed;

E398 9.27.22 Student Loan Forgiveness in Perspective/Conservative Sham; Beyond Panda; Dahmer Denying; Alec Baldwin; Gnus…

E397 9.26.22 Simu Liu/Jeopardy; #StopAAPIHate; MLB/NFL AAPI Stars; Kwan;Marriota;Tagovailoa; Koo; DeSantis’ Hurricane; Iran/Russia Protests; Gnus…

Emil Amok’s Takeout: E396/Fifty-years after Marcos declared Martial Law; Puerto Rico; Asian scholars leave U.S.?; Professor Daniel Phil Gonzales, SFSU College of Ethnic Studies; E395/ Brits in Manila? 1762; Russia/UN/Blinken; Pussy Riot; Griner; Hunyh, Tao, Hung Cao, Jay Chen; Migrants’ want injunction; Trump talk; E394/Russia’s threat; Biden’s UN response; NY AG’s Trump suit; Asians in “Quantum Leap”; Aaron Judge turns 60;

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E396 9.23.22 Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales; 50 years after Marcos’Martial Law; Puerto Rico; Trump Dump.

E395 9.22.22 Pussy Riot; Brits in Manila; Russia/Putin/Blinken; Migrants’ want injunction; Trump legal woes…

E394 9.21.22 Quantum Leap’s AAPI; Putin’s Threat; Biden’s UN Response; NY AG tackles Trump; Aaron Judge; Volunteers for AALDEF Poll.