Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: E393/Syed is free/ Emil on Newsom/ No anxiety for over 65?; E392/ Conviction vacated for Adnan Syed, from “Serial.” But what of Hae Min Lee’s family?/Last stand for Queen/ Mourning Henry/Biden’s Pandemic/NFL/Trey Lance/Tua Tagovailoa/ E391/The Queen’s Bearskin hats; Henry Furhmann took away your hyphen; GOP trafficking; Geek Squad Scam; Marriage; E390 DeSantis and Abbot, human traffickers? Bonta sues Amazon; SF AAPI live in fear; Biden fights Hate; E389/The Queen as mascot; Non-menopausal marmosets; Gnus/Rail/election deniers/Trump/Twitter; Multivitamins for what?E388/ Why the Queen reminds me of OJ; Emmys/ Squid/American Born Chinese/Randall Park; Jean Luc Goddard; Twitter Spy; E387/ The Confluence of History, 9/11, and the Queen’s Death.


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E393 9.20.22 Emil talks about the news….

E392 9.19.22 Serial’s Adnan Syed conviction vacated, but what of victim’s family? Queen’s Last Stand;AALDEF column on Henry Fuhrmann; Biden on Pandemic; NFL, Trey, Tua…

E391 9.16.22 Queen’s Bearskin; Henry and your hyphens/Remembering Henry Furhmann; Geek Squad Scam; GOP Trafficking Scam; Marriage is still great…

E390 9.15.22 DeSantis and Abbot: Human traffickers? https://fb.watch/fztMLGnRl6/

E389 9/14/22 Queen lying in state, Trump just lies; Marmosets, multivitamins, health studies; Twitter, Rail woes, other gnus…

E388 9.13.22 Queen/OJ; Emmys/Squid/Randall Park/Quantum Ad; Jean Luc Goddard; Twitter Spy; Covid Deaths

E387 9.12.22 The Queen, Kenya, and Violence in the British Empire; 9/11, the names; The confluence of it all.