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Asiana crash brings out hope and racism on Twitter

The Asiana crash at SFO was once again proof of the kind of service Twitter can provide.

While I wondered if there was any survivors or if there was an Asian American on board  all I needed was a Twitter feed to hear from Samsung exec David Eun, who was on the flight and tweeted this message:

“I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok…Surreal…”


Eun tweeted more pictures as Twitter served as a social media  “first responder.”


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But I also saw some incredible examples of racism.

Asiana? So they must be Asian drivers.

Here’s one:

 @Coach_Riv: wondering if pilot of this plane that crashed was Asian…they cant drive anything! #NotAStereotype h/t@elonjames





In the end, the Twitterverse is just a reflection of a real life, one where Asians and Asian Americans know all too well can be racist and intolerant.