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Florida Debate II:While Romney and Gingrich duke it out, Santorum and Paul shine

Once again the GOP version of clash of the Titans was the debate focus, with Romney and Gingrich clashing on everything from deporting grandmas to who made more off Fannie and Freddie.

Romney gets the edge for looking less perfect, and a little disheveled (hairs out of place) all while standing his ground.

Gingrich looked like he was working hard, trying to be nice. I want more “Angry Newt.”  He’s going to have to unleash a little of his fury to get back some of that  mo’ he gained in S.C. “Civil but assertive Newt” isn’t working for me.  Could it be that his “not nice” side is his more likeable side.

All the tit-for-tat seemed to help Santorum, who had his big moment when he seemed to scold the two, as he urged everyone to get off the personal attacks and talk about the real issues. Like health care, on which Santorum got the best of Romney.  I’ve been feeling a Santorum surge in the offing. I think others in the media saw what he could do tonight.

I thought Ron Paul was very thoughtful and folksy. He was the best on the religious question, putting it in its place. Meanwhile, Romney dodged his Mormonism, Gingrich his un-charitable ways toward dying wives, and Santorum his pro-life views.

Paul  often was used nicely by moderator Blizter as an antidote to the “Romrich” clash. How did he feel about Gingrich’s lunar colony idea? He’d send a few politicians to the moon.

Overall, I’d say the best candidate tonight was Santorum, but he’s so far behind in Florida, it really means Romney is the likely winner on Tuesday. Gingrich did not score much tonight to make much of a difference.  

And Paul? He’s  ready for a 25-mile bike ride through Texas.

It was good to see more color in the room. Puerto Ricans, Palestinians, Cubans, Republican Americans all. The GOP showing a little more diversity is a good thing