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Emil Guillermo: You can also go amok at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog


Fans of the old Asian Week column I did, will want to check out this site regularly  for more of my writing.

This column is on an old George Bush idea that Homeland Security just won’t let go.

Emil Guillermo: Check out my new blog on the AALDEF site…

It’s my privilege to associate with the  Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, in starting a new blog on Asian American issues and concerns. 


I’ll still go “Amok” here, of course, but check out the blog and see what AALDEF is doing for the broader Asian American community.

This is the first time I’ve written under the masthead of a non-profit not focused strictly on journalism.  But just as I did on op-ed pages for other publications, AALDEF has given me the independence to post my opinions on the news as I see it. 

I hope you enjoy the posts there as much as you like the assorted posts here at Amok.com.