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Listen here to the latest “Emil Amok’s Takeout”. Our Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration!

It’s long, but that’s why God invented fast-forward.

(Helpful hint: Use the player to access this and more episodes of “Emil Amok’s Takeout,” simply by going to the upper portion of the title screen border and clicking on that middle icon. Oh,and share it with your friends, broadcast it on you social media devices).

Don’t forget to read more on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund ( blog.

Emil Guillermo: That “militia” of outsiders from Arizona and Nevada occupying a federal wildlife reserve in Oregon are armed trespassers and not patriots. If people of color took over a federal housing project the National Guard would have been brought in post-haste. The Bundy gang is like a gun-fueled “White Lives Matter” movement. They are anti-government thugs looking for the spotlight.

If they vote, they’re likely Trump or Cruz guys. But you don’t hear much from either of them about these yahoos fueled by the Second Amendment up in Oregon.
They are giving camo a bad name.