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Emil Guillermo: That “militia” of outsiders from Arizona and Nevada occupying a federal wildlife reserve in Oregon are armed trespassers and not patriots. If people of color took over a federal housing project the National Guard would have been brought in post-haste. The Bundy gang is like a gun-fueled “White Lives Matter” movement. They are anti-government thugs looking for the spotlight.

If they vote, they’re likely Trump or Cruz guys. But you don’t hear much from either of them about these yahoos fueled by the Second Amendment up in Oregon.
They are giving camo a bad name.

Emil Guillermo: This week’s writing–Report says Asian Americans overcharged for SAT Prep; The slur on Asians by the Wall Street Journal; And the deportation cloud over Daniel Maher

SAT PREP OVERCHARGING:  It’s being called a “Tiger Mom Tax.”  There’s nothing illegal about unintended discrimination in online pricing, but that doesn’t make it right. I report on’s Asian America section.


TIME TO RETIRE ‘CHINK IN THE ARMOR.” : It’s ok if you’re a fashion reporter discussing the latest medieval designs (“What would Lancelot wear?” ) But when describing China’s president? No, no, Wall Street Journal. Here’s where we need an apology.


DEPORTATION CLOUD:   Daniel Maher immigrated  to the U.S. from Macao when he was 2. But now China and ICE are using him as a political pawn and he can still be swept up and  deported at any time. Read my piece on