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Emil Guillermo: The real independence day for Filipinos and a new call for Filipinos everywhere to take a stand

By now you know it’s not July 4th, the fakey Filipino American ceremonial day that mirrors Big White Brother.

Independence Day?  it’s June 12th because that’s when Philippine General Emilio Aguinaldo, proclaimed independence from Spain from the balcony of his home in Cavite.

June 12, 1898.

And then, things change when Spain, as part of losing the overall Spanish American War gave the U.S. the Philippines in the Treaty of Paris.

Talk about double-cross.

And now the Filipinos had to fight the U.S.

600,000 Filipinos are estimated to have died overall.  At least 5,000 U.S. soldiers.

But that’s history.

Today the “beef”  is with China, which has begun building islands in the waters that are in Filipino territory.

Filipinos are taking an Alamo-like stand.

Read my column here.

Consider showing your support today in boycotts around the country. This one in San Francisco.

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